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2005-11-03 - 1:31 a.m.

"fuck you chelsee "bee" driver, grow up.
have a nice life chelsee."

I told you I wouldn't be the only one saying it.

So I'm a persistant annoying whiney bitch.
And because of that, Dale and I are talking again.
Acctually better then talking.
I undertsand how he is feeling right now on the "us" senerio, or at least how he WAS feeling before I started daying a bunch of stupid crap.
And the thing is it makes sence to me.

But we are both still sitting here not knowing what to do about it.
I still have my highschool Chelsee around me, and he is no where near Highschool Dale.

Appearently he got all upset at me cause he thought he had already lost me.
What a silly boi he is.
What a silly grrrl I am.

I hope I'm better tommorrow.
At least better then I was today.

Night peep's.
xo Chelsee.

Pee es;
He get's angry, and I cry.
I love people's reactions to when they get scared.

Except he says he doesn't get mad, he says he cry's.
And if someone asked me, I'd tell them I get mad, and I don't cry.

I love life.
Just kidding.
It's just kinda okay.
I can deal.
I think.


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